Have you tested your product before shipping it out?

These days no matter what your product, it still has to be shipped out. Whether you’ve got the budget to manage your own transportation fleet, or you are relying on other agencies to come into your warehouse to fetch your goods, you’ve also got to make pretty darn sure that package testing has been completed. Because if it is not, you could find yourself being nabbed at the border and quarantined.

You will have your goods impounded in warehouses that operate under stringent quarantine conditions. Your goods will stay there until such time that government appointed and government licensed or approved inspectors have completed their work. And that could take months, however way you look at this and however progressive your local economy appears to be. And of course, the months spent confining your goods, could become quite costly.

package testing

You would not even be able to take advantage of your commercial insurance policies to get your business out of this jam. Because once the generally risk averse insurer is privy to the underlying reasons for your loss of profits claim, he will have no hesitation but to reject your claim. You must know how the system works. They are always looking for reasons not to pay. You can avoid all this inconvenience by simply making sure that all your products are properly tested before it leaves the premises.

It is quite easy to gain verification. A routine inspection that is qualified and authoritative will generally bear the hallmark HAZMAT legend, an internationally-recognized brand in the area of ensuring public and industrial safety across the board. Finally, it may well be compulsory for your goods to be thoroughly tested before they leave the premises. You subject yourself to a heavy fine if you do not have the testing done.