What is a stair lift and why use it?

Perhaps some readers have only seen these devices on TV shows of different varieties, whether they be serious dramas or favorite sitcoms. And these developments have so far only been seen fleetingly in upmarket homes. But in all seriousness these stair lifts serve a very real purpose. After a stair lift installation has been completed, people who for different physical and mental reasons can no longer walk or at least struggle to walk, will be able to utilize these chairs.

stair lift installation

Physically challenged men and women, whether through advanced age, illness, physical trauma who still have limited use of their limbs will, no doubt, struggle to walk. You have seen the best of them, those old-aged folks without a care in the world, negotiate the shopping malls with their Rimmer frames. They are not shy to use them. It gets them around. Whether people have limited use of their limbs or can no longer use them (in which case many of them will be in wheelchairs) they will struggle.

So, how are they to get upstairs to their bedrooms at night or down for breakfast in the morning? They can use the stair lift. It is quite literally what it says it is. It is a mechanized chair that carries its passenger along a rail on the side of the staircase, or within its protective railing, from the bottom of the stairs to the top. The short journey is safe and comfortable. Users strap themselves in and the seats are ergonomically designed for correct posture.

Folks who can afford the service can have customized stair lifts built for them. But in terms of quality, comfort, convenience and intended use, the standard stair lift will not be far off.