Locking Seal Varieties

Many locks and padlocks in commercial use require seals. Depending on the design and purpose of the locking device or system, and the commercial use padlock, a variety of locking seal applications will be considered. One example is that of the pull seal.

A pull fly seal is an indicating seal. It is made from nylon and polypropylene. It is also combined with plastic. The indicating strap seal is a single set piece. The stock color used for this item is light green, while brown, red, yellow and white are being utilized for custom built fly seals. The pull seal is manufactured to a fixed length. A universal seal has also been created. And by dint of its name, it is multifunctional and versatile to apply.

pull seal

This means it can be applied diversely to the packaging, posting and transportation sectors. Its stock color is dark blue while custom alternatives come available in light blue and light green, and red and yellow. The pull seal grip also supplied is also of a fixed length. Its stock color is dark green. The pull seal is also multifunctional and versatile to use. And its economic application is being applied to the catering industry and in the manufacture of bags, lockers and sacks. Again, it is in use within the postal services and packaging industries.

So far, only a smattering of industries has been mentioned in regard to the pull seal’s applications but to be fair to the online personnel and to the readers, this note could go on endlessly. Because there still numerous other industries to consider. Perhaps the note can be signed off by leaving it over to you to think a little ingeniously and creatively about where else you think these seals could be applied.